Sarah Khan: I can work more freely after marriage

Charming showbiz personality, Sarah Khan, with her good acting skills, has an ideal yet classic personality which is enough to grab anyone’s attention. After she has been part of many hit drama serials, Sarah had received the award for Best Supporting Actress in drama serial ‘Mohabbat Aag Si’. Sarah Zafarullah Khan made her screen debut with a supporting role in 2012 in drama serial ‘Badi Aapa’. The Pakistani actress Sarah Khan has said that she did not work as freely before her marriage as she does now. She recently said in an interview that before marriage I was at home and a lot of things were going on with my sisters and family. She said that after getting hitched it’s just her and her husband, Falak Shabir living together therefore a lot of freedom is at her disposal. He also supports her along with giving her the freedom. She reportedly said that he wants her to move forward and grow in the industry that’s why she’s happy to work. The actress said that she wanted the Almighty to give every woman a husband who would encourage and motivate her, like Falak. Earlier in July last year, actress Sarah Khan got engaged to Pakistani singer Falak Shabir. The actress often talks about her mother in different shows who is her true inspiration. In an interview, she said, “Let me tell you one thing my mother was the person who always found out good in people and talked about it rather than about bad things.” “Whenever I said something about anyone she tried to show me the good side of that person. I want to become like my mother and other than her no one can be my ideal. She is my biggest ideal,” Sarah added.

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