Hareem Farooq: It’s good to be childish sometiems

Hareem Farooq is recognized among the most stylish and beautiful actresses of the Pakistani Entertainment Industry. She has played several roles in Pakistani dramas and films. The Parchi actress has won many awards for her brilliant acting skills and her fans want to see her more on their television screen. The actress and producer, Hareem Farooq is very active on social media and posts pictures to her social media platform frequently. Hareem Farooq shares her charming and different photos on Instagram which are very much liked by the fans. The actress wrote with her pictures that it is good to be child-like sometimes, it is fun to express happiness.


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The caption read, “Being childish is good at times, it has the the luxury of expressing happiness”. Hareem Farooq’s beautiful photo was soon liked by more than 48,000 people and they also wrote several appreciative comments. During the past week Hareem Farooq shared many of her alluring photos with her fans on Instagram which have received thousands of likes.

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