Social Media Influencers Meet on Zoom, Applaud Surf Excel Ramadan 2021 Ad

While pandemic is distancing humanity, Surf Excel has once again taken a lead in this holy month of Ramadan by uniting families and loved ones bringing them closer to each other. In their latest Ramadan tv ad, Surf Excel has introduced a beautiful concept of uniting those orphans and elderly under one roof, who are not fortunate to have their own families.
The soulful concept ‘EkMukkamalJahan’ depicts the idea of having a home for all where no one feels deprived of having loved ones around. An idea, through which lonely elderly would find the perfect companions in the orphaned children while on the other hand, orphans and foundlings having an opportunity to experience the parental love. Surf Excel has touched millions of hearts through this ad. People are lauding the initiative and have poured out their hearts on social media.
The idea captured the attention of social media influencers and giants as well. A number of popular influencers, journalists, bloggers and social media personalities got together on a Zoom Call and further discussed the initiative praising Surf Excel for coming up every year with novel concepts revolving around Neki and Ibadat that leave a strong impression on the people shaking their sentiments for the rest of the year.
Zoom Session regarding Surf Excel Ad included some prominent media personalities like AamnaIsani, MalihaRehman, AmnaNiazi, Momin Ali Munshi, HunainaRasool, FaizaSaleem, Daniyal Sheikh, Hassan Choudary, ManahylShafiq, and HumnaRaza. Discussions revolved around how Surf Excel Ads melt the hearts of millions and are full of positivity, portraying the true essence of Ramadan.

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Social media influencers also discussed how the ideas brought up by Surf Excel Ads can be implemented in the future. They also encouraged Surf Excel to keep coming up with such beautiful content.

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Influencers believed that the success of the ad also rests on the amazing expressions and music. The acting skills of the cast proved to be another factor behind the success of the ad.

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Surf Excel’s most anticipated Ramadan ad has once again lived up to the expectations of the people. The feedbacks of the social media influencers prove the fact that Surf Excel is right on the track when it comes to understanding the concept of Neki and Ibadat in creative ways.

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