Pakistan to receive 3.5mn Pfizer vaccine doses this week from US

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will receive over three-and-a-half million doses of the Pfizer vaccine this week.
This would take the number of total doses of the vaccine to 9.5mn, as the US had previously provided 6mn doses of the vaccine to Pakistan over the last two weeks.
An estimated 720,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine is expected to arrive in the country by next week, which would push the total number of Pfizer vaccine doses donated by the US to 10.5mn.
US donates 6.6mn doses of Pfizer vaccine to Pakistan
Last week, the US donated 6.6mn doses of Pfizer vaccine to Pakistan.
The US Embassy in Islamabad had announced that the tranche of the vaccines had been shipped to Pakistan, adding that it would help the country inoculate young and at-risk citizens.
On August 26, the US had donated 3.7 million doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to Pakistan under the COVAX programme. The donation came in addition to the 5.5 million Moderna vaccine doses donated by the US government to Pakistan in July.
“There is an urgency, now more than ever, to put an end to this devastating pandemic, and Pakistan and the United States are continuing to work together to achieve that goal,” the US Embassy Chargé d’affaires Angela P Aggeler had said.
Aggeler had added that “the US is proud to partner with the Pakistani people to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic.” She had said that together, the two countries will continue to build a world that is safe and secure against the coronavirus.
It was further stated that both countries have been working together to improve infection prevention and control, were enhancing patient care, expanding laboratory testing, and supporting frontline healthcare workers.
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