UN meeting: Pakistan rejects India’s claim regarding J&K

Pakistan has once again rejected the false claim that Jammu and Kashmir is India’s integral part. Pakistan’s delegate Jawad Ali spoke to the United Nations General Assembly. He was responding to  Indian delegate Vidisha Maitra’s reaction after Pakistani Ambassador Munir Akram talked about New Delhi’s human rights abuses in the illegally occupied Kashmir as well as the design of BJP-RSS extremists against Pakistan. He said that India has no other claim on Jammu and Kashmir than that of an occupier. Jawad Ali said that  like all occupiers and colonizers of the past, India wants to physically, politically and psychologically crush the indigenous Kashmiri struggle for right of self-determination. He said today’s India has become a nightmare for its minorities and its current leadership has sacrificed every trapping of secularism.
Pakistan Opposed Creation Of New Permanent Seats In UNSC: Pakistan has strongly opposed the addition of new permanent seats in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). As per the details, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative at the world body Munir Akram spoke at the first meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiations Framework during the seventy-fifth session of the UN. He said that the creation of new permanent seats will make the Security Council less representative, less effective, more divided, and erode the principle of sovereign equality of states. He also said that the proposal of the United for Consensus (UfC) group to have twenty-one non-permanent seats would redress the deficit of equitable representation in the Security Council. He said it also accommodates the interests of all groups including the African, the Arab, the OIC, and Small Island Developing States.

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