Queen Elizabeth to ensure Meghan and Harry meet her ‘in private’

LONDON: Queen Elizabeth will go to great lengths to make sure Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s meeting with her is a private affair.

The Duke and Duchess, who are all set to travel to the UK for daughter Lilibet’s christening, will meet the monarch alone, with no officials involved.

Speaking to Palace Confidential, royal expert Rebecca English said, “Meeting the family is very different from a summit, which we saw at Sandringham not that long ago, which is a kind of suggestion that they’ll be thrashing out family issues.

“I’m told if they do come and visit, it’ll be in a private capacity and very much will remain in that vein.”

When asked how Buckingham Palace are preparing for such a meeting, English revealed, “I’ve spoken to people about that this week, they’ve stressed to me that if and when it happens, it will very much be a private, family get-together.

“Nonetheless, I think everyone recognises it’ll be a pretty awkward one given what’s happened over the last couple of years, but there’s certainly no officials getting involved and I think they know that’s something that would really wind Harry and Meghan up if they were to do so,” she concluded.

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