Palace surprised over Meghan and Harry’s nerve to give Lilibet a Windsor christening

LONDON: The British royal family is reeling in shock over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wanting to have Lilibet’s christening at Windsor in the UK.
Despite making serious allegations against the royal family, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are wanting to bury the hatchet.
They have asked the Queen if they can fly in so Lilibet, who’s just four months old, so she can meet her.
“Harry and Meghan have made this offer but a lot of people are shocked by the sheer nerve of it. They may genuinely want to see the Queen but it’s breathtaking given what they’ve put her through this year,” a royal source said.
“Her Majesty’s staff have not responded so far. In fact, there has also been discussion about Christmas — and whether an invitation should be sent to Harry and Meghan after they spurned one last year,” the insider added.
This would be Harry’s third visit to the UK and Meghan’s first since they departed the royal family.

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