Garry Turner holds “Guinness World Record” of having the Stretchiest Skin

ISLAMABAD: Guinness World Record holder can stretch the skin to an unbelievable length, media reported.
A man holds Guinness World Record for the stretchiest skin can pull his skin to an unbelievable length.
The Fifty years old man named “Garry Turner” who suffers from a disorder of connective tissues that affect his skin, ligaments, and internal organs has turned his rare medical condition into a talent, leaving millions of people worldwide in awe.
He can pull his skin to an unbelievable length due to the medical condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.
Turner can stretch the skin on his neck so much that it can almost cover half his face. With this condition, the collagen that usually strengthens skin and determines its elasticity becomes defective. As a result, it can loosen the skin.
Luckily, Garry’s condition is not serious as in many cases; this syndrome has caused the rupture of blood vessels.
He showcased his rare talent to Guinness World Records in front of a studio audience several years ago.
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