Monsoon upcoming season: Karachi Police Chief issues a contingency plan for public protection  

KARACHI: The Capital City Police chief has issued a contingency plan for the protection of life and property of citizens for the upcoming monsoon season, media reported on Thursday.
Additional I.G. Karachi Imran Yaqoob Minhas has dispatched copies of the monsoon contingency plan to DIGs while pointing out heavy losses of life and property in the devastating monsoon spell in previous year urging for effective measures to save precious human lives.
The police chief has directed for review of the losses and safety measures taken during last five years during monsoon rainfall.
The police chief has directed for formation of the district emergency response centres and indication of the low-lying and other vulnerable areas in the city.
Three Command and Control Centres will monitor the city, while the officials of emergency response centres will remain in contact with the power and gas utilities, ambulance service, fire brigade officials and medical emergency personnel.
The police chief has also directed for contact with the civil defence, scouts and volunteers in case of any emergency situation.
“The contingency plan will be activated with the arrival of the monsoon,” police sources said.
It is to be mentioned here that heavy rainfall in previous year wreaked havoc with Karachi causing heavy losses of life and devastation in the largest city of the country.
Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has warned against urban flooding in major cities in Sindh and Punjab and flash flooding in hill torrents of Azad Kashmir, KP and Punjab due to some heavy rainfall events expected during the upcoming monsoon.
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