Indian actress Neha Dhupia reveals she was pregnant when Angad Bedi contracted COVID-19

Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia announced she is expecting her second child with husband Angad Bedi. The Bollywood actress said she was pregnant when Angad got diagnosed with COVID-19.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Neha revealed, “Hard is an understatement. It was a lot that we went through. It’s always hard when someone around you gets COVID-19 and harder when you’re pregnant, but Angad was the one who helped me stay positive in that period,” she said.

“The second pregnancy has been different. I’ve got less questions in my mind because I know the beats of it and why and how the mind and body react to it. I always compare it with my first pregnancy. However, the lockdown didn’t make it easier,” admitted the actress, who is due in October.

The Julie starlet said she and Angad Bedi are treading with caution a little more this time as compared to her first pregnancy.

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