Actress Ayeza Khan, Kareena Kapoor don identical outfits: Who wore it better?

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan superstar Ayeza Khan was recently spotted wearing the same yellow Kaftan Kareena Kapoor once wore during her pregnancy.

The Meherposh actor, who is currently vacationing with her family overseas, posted a photo of herself on Monday, posing on a sunbed.

For the photo, Ayeza left her tresses flowing in the air as she brushed them off with her fingers.

“MashaAllah Ayeza,” wrote one fan while another deemed her a,”beauty queen.”

Moments later, fans started to compare Ayeza’s look with Kareena Kapoor’s earlier outfit on social media. Apparently, the Bollywood star also donned the yellow kaftan while expecting her second son, Jeh Ali Khan.

While there are no two ways about the similarities between the outfits, fans nevertheless praised Ayeza for carrying the Kaftan gracefully.

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