Breaking news, Pakistan to create 200,000 new green jobs by year’s end

ISLAMABAD: Breaking news for every Pakistani, the current government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had promised to the public for providing one corer jobs, now advisor to the PM Imran Khan on Climate Change has said that we are going to create 200,000 new green jobs by the year’s end under its ecological protection and restoration projects, media reported on Monday.
Under the government’s flagship 10 Billion Tree Tsunami project — a five-year tree-planting program launched in 2018 — some 85,000 people have already found employment, officials say. Most of the green jobs, including guarding forests, eco-tourism, and planting saplings, were created last year when pandemic lockdowns left many daily wage earners without work.
Another ‘green stimulus’ initiative for post-coronavirus recovery is expected to partly address the problem by boosting eco-tourism and involving communities in running national parks — 15 of which were established last year.

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