Covid-19: Pakistan reported 41 coronavirus deaths, Infected 2,408 in last 24 hours

Islamabad: Pakistan has reported 41 coronavirus deaths and 2,408 new positive cases in one day.
According to National Command and Control Center (NCOC), around 2,408 cases of coronavirus were reported while 41 people succumbed to the disease in the last 24 hours, taking the total death toll to 10,717.
The total number of confirmed cases reached to 506,701.
As many as 461,977 patients have recovered from the disease with 2,340 critical cases.
After sharp increase in the cases, the number of patients swelled to 146.016 in the province. The province reported 4,299 coronavirus causalities.
The cases of infection have surged to 227,885 in the province, the most affected region in Pakistan. The death toll has reached to 3,708 in the province.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:
The confirmed cases have surged to 61,648 in the province while the death toll has surged to 1,743 in KPK.
There are 18,429 confirmed cases while 188 patients died of the infection so far.
AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan:
There are 8,501 coronavirus cases in the AJK while the death toll has reached 235. On the other hand, there are 4,882 cases in GB with 188 coronavirus deaths.
There are 39,340 cases in the capital city while 443 people have lost their lives.
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